On a recent afternoon, the Yellow Roses gathered during study hall to go over what they’ve accomplished and what’s in the works for next school year.

The girls have conducted 1 hour + conference calls with:

 Bettina Hager, DC Director of the ERA Coalition;

Roberta W. Francis, founding chairwoman of the National Council of Women’s Organizations’ ERA Task Force,

and Lucienne Beard, executive director of the Alice Paul Institute.

They have sent emails to many members of Congress and recently sat down for a one hour face to face meeting with Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey to discuss their endeavor. All of the people above support this campaign to activate students and others in The Yellow Roses Campaign for Ratification of the ERA.


In February, three of the Yellow Roses attended a campaign event in Boston for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and brought a letter explaining what they were trying to accomplish. After managing to get that letter to one of the security guards, the girls got front-row seats at the rally and a week later, a response letter from Hillary Clinton arrived at the school. It read in part:

“You clearly have very bright futures ahead, and I’m delighted to know that you’re already setting an example for your friends and classmates at Broad Meadows Middle School to drive change and stand tall for equality. Brava.

It was signed Hillary.


Now that the Yellow Roses – Grace, Julianne, Ilkim Gumus, Alessia Mochi, Veronica Bentley and Eleanor Anderson – have done their research, they hope to share information about their efforts through this web site. The web site features an online petition for passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. They already have an email address:

Eleanor, 12, said she thinks that if the United States ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment, it will encourage other countries to do the same.

“It’s hypocritical that we’re helping other countries get equal rights for women but we don’t have them here,” she said.



There is no summer vacation for activists. Every day has the potential for being a step forward in the march toward passage and ratification of the ERA.

Michigan ERA legend, Laura Carter Callow,  has been “…working for ratification of the ERA for more than 40 years,” and was the “…former chair and current newsletter editor of an ongoing coalition titled Michigan ERAmerica.”

Laura is: “…delighted to know that there are six girls who have decided to take up this great cause.”  Laura wrote also, “My generation has kept the flame alive, but it is going to be up to their (YR6) generation to make ratifying the ERA a reality.”

Laura supports the extension of the states’  deadline so just three more states can vote “yes” to ratification.

UK supporter:

There are no boundaries either when it comes to equality. Just received this from the UK:

Dear Yellow Roses

I just saw an article about what you’re trying to do. I was 11 in 1982 and I remember how disappointed I was when the states failed to ratify the ERA. I would love to help you any way I can, so please put me on your mailing list and let me know when your website is live.

Good luck!

Best regards
Tracy Phillips
Cheltenham, United Kingdom